Language of the Third Reich: LTI: Lingua Tertii Imperii
Books / December 19, 2016

A laborer, journalist and a professor who lived through four successive periods of German political history – from the German Empire, through the Weimar Republic and the Nazi state through to the German Democratic Republic – Victor Klemperer is regarded as one of the most vivid witnesses to a tumultuous century of European history. First published in 1957, The Language of the Third Reich arose from Klemperer’s conviction that the language of the Third Reich helped to create its culture. As Klemperer writes: ‘It isn’t only Nazi actions that have to vanish, but also the Nazi cast of mind, the typical Nazi way of thinking, and its breeding ground: the language of Nazism.’ “Klemperer’s The Language of the Third Reich (or LTI: Lingua Tertii Imperii) is important but difficult to categorize. Originally published in German in 1957 and translated into English in 2000, LTI derives from notes the Jewish philologist and literature professor took before and during WW II, in which he signals and dissects Nazi language. This book is an honest narrative of hope and oppression, touching in places and well written, in an accessible translation. Summing Up: Recommended. Lower-division undergraduates through faculty; general readers.” ―M. Aaij, Auburn Montgomery, CHOICE About…

The United States of Fear
Books , Kindle Edition / December 13, 2016

The United States of Fear
“A tour de force.”—Jeremy Scahill “Tom Engelhardt is the I. F. Stone of the post-9/11 age.”—Andrew J. BacevichIn 2008, when the US National Intelligence Council issued its latest report meant for the administration of newly elected President Barack Obama, it predicted that the planet’s “sole superpower…

The Monkey Wrench Gang
Books , Kindle Edition / December 12, 2016

The Monkey Wrench Gang (Edward Abbey Series Book 2)
Vietnam veteran George Washington Hayduke III returns home to the desert only to find his beloved canyons and rivers now threatened by industrial development. Joining forces with Bronx exile and feminist saboteur Bonnie Abzug, wilderness guide and social outcast Mormon Seldom Seen Smith, and libertarian billboard…

Books , Kindle Edition / December 6, 2016

Part Field Notes from a Catastrophe, part 1984, part World War Z, John Feffer’s striking new dystopian novel, takes us deep into the battered, shattered world of 2050. The European Union has broken apart. Multiethnic great powers like Russia and China have shriveled. America’s global military footprint has virtually disappeared and the Un…

The Private Eye
Books / December 2, 2016

The Private Eye
“Colorful and relevant…” –Slate From the creator of the New York Times bestselling series SAGA, comes the three-time, Eisner nominated,’s digital comics sensation THE PRIVATE EYE! Finally, this book is coming to print in a beautiful deluxe hardcover edition! Set in an inevitable future of where everyone has a secret identit…