The View from Flyover Country: Dispatches from The Forgotten America
Books , Kindle Edition / April 17, 2018

The View from Flyover Country: Dispatches from the Forgotten America: “A collection of sharp-edged, humanistic pieces about the American heartland…Passionate pieces that repeatedly assail the inability of many to empathize and to humanize.” — Kirkus From the St. Louis–based journalist often credited with first predict…

The View From Flyover Country: Essays by Sarah Kendzior
Kindle Edition / January 3, 2017

In this collection of essays, St. Louis journalist Sarah Kendzior tackles issues including labor exploitation, racism, gentrification, media bias and other aspects of the post-employment economy. Sample titles: “The Peril of Hipster Economics”, “The Wrong Kind of Caucasian”, “Survival is Not an Aspiration”. “Mothers Are Not ‘Opting Out’ — They Are Out of Options”, “Academia’s Indentured Servants”, “Meritocracy for Sale”, “The Immorality of College Admissions”, “Expensive Cities Are Killing Creativity”. A former columnist for Al Jazeera English, Kendzior has spent years chronicling an America of diminishing opportunities. This collection contains the best of her work.